2022 Blazorise Goals

The Year In Retrospect

Blazorise is an open-source UI component library for Blazor that allows developers to build web applications using C# instead of JavaScript. Blazorise provides a set of reusable components, including buttons, forms, modals, charts, and more, that can be easily integrated into Blazor applications.

A few introductory words about the beginning of Blazorise

It started as a personal project of its creator Mladen Macanović in 2018. He saw the potential of Blazor and started developing Blazorise to help other developers who were also interested in Blazor development. Mladen is a software developer interested in developing Blazor applications using C# and wanted to have a set of UI components that could be easily integrated into his projects. He started by creating a few UI components for his projects and later decided to share his work with the community. Today, Blazorise has a comprehensive set of UI components that can be easily customized and integrated into Blazor applications. It has become one of the most popular UI component libraries for Blazor. Three years later, Blazorise starts commercial sales for companies while remaining an open-source project, and as such, it will remain forever!

Summary of the year 2022

Blazorise continued to thrive in 2022, reaching significant milestones and making a name for itself in the software development community. With over 1.8 million downloads on NuGet, Blazorise has established itself as a popular UI library for developers looking for a dependable and effective way to build web applications.

The Blazorise Team attributes its success to the dedicated and supportive community, whose contributions have been invaluable. In 2022, we stayed true to our transparency, openness, and collaboration principles by actively engaging with our community to create a framework that fulfills their requirements.

A significant milestone in 2022 was the launch of .NET Core 7, which further empowered developers and businesses to leverage the power of Blazorise. Our commercial products and training programs continued to assist developers and businesses in building modern web applications more effectively and efficiently. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our community and look forward to continuing to innovate and evolve with their feedback and support.

Get ready to explore the significant developments, achievements, and community insights that defined Blazorise's 2022 journey. In this article, we'll delve into the important updates and progress that Blazorise made in shaping the future of software development. We are thrilled to share our journey with you and provide a deeper understanding of how Blazorise contributes to the world of software development. So, without further ado, let's dive right in!


Blazorise 1.0

In March 2022, Blazorise 1.0 was released, marking a new chapter in Blazorise's history. This release resulted from hard work and preparation over the past few years. With Blazorise 1.0, we introduced many new features that made it easier for developers to build and use their applications. Additionally, we made some necessary API changes to get started with the latest version of the library.

Over the past three years, the core of Blazorise has undergone significant improvements and refactoring to enhance its maintainability, reliability, and performance. We started as an early adapter of Blazor and have kept up with all its changes, from the early previews to the latest version of .NET 6. Throughout this journey, we have had to make many refactoring and API changes to ensure that Blazorise remains up-to-date and optimized for performance.

As a result, the release of Blazorise 1.0 highlights the dedication and hard work of the Blazorise team in creating a reliable and efficient tool for developers working with Blazor. The new features and improvements are set to make the development process easier and more streamlined, marking a significant step forward in the library's evolution.

In summary, Blazorise has undergone significant improvements and rewrites in its core, making it a reliable and efficient tool for developers working with Blazor.

Blog Pages

Blazorise, dedicated to developing C#, Blazor, and .NET technologies, has changed significantly by introducing new blog pages. These blog pages provide readers with regular updates, informative how-to guides, and tutorials about Blazorise. The team has put a lot of effort into developing these pages to provide readers with quality content and insights into the latest developments in the world of C#, Blazor, and . NET.

With the introduction of these new blog pages, readers can stay up to date with the latest news, trends, and best practices in the industry. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, there is something for everyone on the Blazorise blog pages. The team behind these pages is committed to providing the highest quality content and sharing their knowledge and expertise with the community.

Furthermore, these new blog pages showcase the team's commitment to their work. Despite being a small team, we have taken the time and effort to develop informative and educational content for their readers. This demonstrates their passion for the field and desires to make a meaningful contribution to the world of C#, Blazor, and . NET.

Introducing these new blog pages is a significant milestone for Blazorise. They testify to the team's commitment to excellence and dedication to providing value to their readers.

The Blazorise MVC Award Program

One of the essential projects that marked 2022 is the creation of "The Blazorise MVC Award Program." Community members who took the time to report bugs and who suggested and added new features were rewarded with symbolic gifts and "crowned" with the MVC title.

Brief description of the project idea: As an open-source project, Blazorise relies on the contributions of its community members to continue to improve and add new features.

Blazorise has a thriving community of developers passionate about the project and dedicated to its improvement. These community members contribute in various ways, from submitting bug reports and feature requests to writing code and documentation.

Bug reports and feature requests are valuable contributions as they help the Blazorise team identify issues and prioritize new features. Community members who took the time to report bugs and suggested new features were rewarded with token gifts.

Writing code is perhaps the most visible and effective way community members can contribute to Blazorise. The library is open source, which means anyone can submit a pull request with changes or additions to the code. This may include bug fixes, new components, or performance improvements.

Documentation is another important way community members can contribute to Blazorise. Good documentation is essential for developers who want to use the library effectively, and it can be daunting for a small development team. Community members who take the time to write clear and concise documentation make a valuable contribution that will benefit the entire community.

Finally, community members can contribute by helping other developers in the Blazorise community. This can be by answering questions on forums or social media, creating textbooks or video guides, or simply sharing your experiences and tips for using the library.

In conclusion, the most valuable contribution of Blazorise to community members is the community itself. Whether you're reporting bugs, writing code, creating documentation, or helping others in the community, every contribution helps make Blazorise a better library for everyone. If you love Blazorise and want to make a difference, please consider getting involved in the community and contributing in any way you can. We appreciate everyone's efforts and wish to repay. Together we can make Blazorise even better.

Blazorise 1.1

Blazorise 1.1 was released towards the end of 2022, featuring several enhancements and new features. Although there were no significant changes, the release marked the beginning of changes to the API.

The blazorise.com website underwent significant improvements, including enhanced documentation with more detailed examples and descriptions. Additionally, a search field was added to facilitate faster navigation, and more internal links were included between pages for easier access.

While the changes in version 1.1 were not groundbreaking, Blazorise is gradually changing the API. The plan is to remove APIs marked as deprecated once the project reaches a stable version of 2.0.

Enterprise Plus Model

After considering adding a new form of Commercial package, we added Enterprise Plus. As businesses grow and scale, their technology needs evolve. Large enterprises require tailor-made solutions that can meet their unique challenges and objectives. Blazorise understands this and offers a customized plan designed to fit any large business's specific requirements.

The Blazorise Enterprise Plus plan provides businesses with everything they need to build robust and scalable applications. With unlimited seats, companies can equip their entire team with the tools to build high-quality apps quickly and efficiently.

To ensure that the team is well equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, the Blazorise Mentor service is included in the plan. This service provides companies with a dedicated mentor who can guide their team through the intricacies of the Blazorise platform, ensuring they have the skills needed to tackle complex projects.

Additionally, the plan includes access to Expert on Demand. With this service, companies can leverage the expertise of Blazorise's top developers to solve any critical issues or challenges that arise in their projects. This ensures that companies can maintain productivity and minimize downtime that could affect their bottom line.

The bundled services included in the plan allow companies to tailor support and services to their needs. From custom component development to application auditing and code review, companies can choose the services they need to meet their specific requirements.

Finally, a customized contract ensures that the plan is tailored to the specific needs of each business. Companies can work with Blazorise to create a unique agreement that addresses their specific requirements and goals. Blazorise's custom plan is designed to provide large enterprises with a comprehensive suite of tools and services to address their unique technology needs. With unlimited seats, access to expert developers, mentoring, and bundled services, businesses can leverage Blazorise's expertise to build robust and scalable applications to help them succeed in today's competitive business environment. If you're looking for a solution to meet your unique needs, consider a custom Blazorise Enterprise plan today.


As we reflect on the previous year, we can't help but feel immense pride in what the Blazorise community has accomplished. Our community has continued to grow and expand, and we are thrilled to see how our library has helped developers build amazing applications.

We're excited to continue building on our momentum and take Blazorise to new heights in the coming year. Our team has been hard at work developing new features and improvements that we can't wait to share with our community.

Our main goals for the new year are to expand our community further and make Blazorise even more accessible to developers worldwide. We'll be hosting more events, webinars, and workshops to engage with developers and help them get the most out of our library.

We're also planning to release more updates and features to make the development process smoother and more efficient. We know developers are always looking for ways to improve their workflow, and we're committed to providing them with the tools they need to build unique applications.

Of course, we won't forget about our commercial users. We're committed to providing them with the best possible experience and support so that they can take full advantage of the power and flexibility of Blazorise.

As we continue to grow and expand, we also look toward the future with new projects and expansion plans. We're exploring new technologies and products to enhance further our community's and commercial users' development experience.

We're excited to share these new developments with you in the coming months and years. We believe that our commitment to innovation and improvement will help us continue to be a leader in the development community.

The Blazorise team is grateful for the support of our community and commercial users. We're committed to providing the best possible development experience and support, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for Blazorise. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and developments!