Blazorise NumericEdit component

A native numeric <input> component built around the <input type="number">.

Being built around native type="number" input element, the NumericEdit component comes with a few limitations that you must be aware of. First and foremost, the input display format is fully controlled by the browser and the system locale. This means that for you to change the input format you would need to change the browser settings.

Use <NumericEdit> to have a field for any kind of numeric values. All basic types are supported, including nullable types (int, long, float, double, decimal, etc.).



<NumericEdit Value="123" />


Generic type

Since NumericEdit is a generic component you will have to specify the exact data type for the value. Most of the time it will be recognized automatically when you set the Value attribute, but if not you will just use the TValue attribute and define the type manually eg.
<NumericEdit TValue="decimal?" />



Name Description Type Default
TValue Generic type parameter used for the value attribute. generic
Value Gets or sets the value inside the input field. TValue default
ValueChanged Occurs after the value has changed. EventCallback<TValue>
Step Specifies the interval between valid values. decimal? null
Culture Helps define the localization of an element (used for parsing of the value). string null
Min The minimum value to accept for this input. TValue default
Max The maximum value to accept for this input. TValue default
Autofocus Set’s the focus to the component after the rendering is done. bool false
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