Blazorise DataGrid: Loading Template

Blazor includes templated components that can accept one or more UI segments as input and render them as part of the component during component rendering. DataGrid is a templated Blazor component that lets you customize various parts of the user interface with template parameters. It enables you to generate custom components or content using your own logic.

Loading Templates

If you want to change display of content, while grid is empty or ReadData is executing, you can use following templates:

  • EmptyTemplate
  • LoadingTemplate
First Name
Last Name
No employees were found!
<DataGrid @ref="datagridRef"
        <DataGridCommandColumn />
        <DataGridColumn Field="@nameof(Employee.Id)" Caption="#" Sortable="false" />
        <DataGridColumn Field="@nameof(Employee.FirstName)" Caption="First Name" Editable />
        <DataGridColumn Field="@nameof(Employee.LastName)" Caption="Last Name" Editable />
        <DataGridColumn Field="@nameof(Employee.Email)" Caption="Email" Editable />
        <DataGridColumn Field="@nameof(Employee.Salary)" Caption="Salary" DisplayFormat="{0:C}" DisplayFormatProvider="@System.Globalization.CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo("fr-FR")" Editable>
                <NumericEdit TValue="decimal" Value="@((decimal)context.CellValue)" ValueChanged="@( v => context.CellValue = v)" />
        <div class="box">
            No employees were found!
        <Progress @ref="progressRef" Color="Color.Primary" Max="100" Value="progress" />

<Button Background="Background.Primary" Color="Color.Light" Clicked="() => datagridRef.Reload()">Load</Button>
    protected DataGrid.DataGrid<Employee> datagridRef;
    protected Progress progressRef;
    protected int progress;
    protected Employee selectedEmployee;
    protected int totalEmployees = 0;
    protected List<Employee> employeeList;

    public async Task LoadEmployeesFromService( DataGridReadDataEventArgs<Employee> e )
        * This can be call to anything like calling an api to load employees.
        * During execution 'LoadingTemplate' will be displayed.
        * If your api call returns empty result, then 'EmptyTemplate' will be displayed,
        * this way you have proper feedback, for when your datagrid is loading or empty.
        progress = 0;
        await InvokeAsync( StateHasChanged );

        await Task.Delay( 500 );
        progress = 25;
        await InvokeAsync( StateHasChanged );

        await Task.Delay( 500 );
        progress = 50;
        await InvokeAsync( StateHasChanged );

        await Task.Delay( 500 );
        progress = 75;
        await InvokeAsync( StateHasChanged );

        await Task.Delay( 500 );
        progress = 100;
        await InvokeAsync( StateHasChanged );


See the documentation below for a complete reference to all of the props and classes available to the components mentioned here.

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