Update for the 1.0 release - patch 4

Blazorise 1.0.4

In parallel to our work on the upcoming feature releases Blazorise 1.1, we regularly backport important fixes to the stable 1.0 branch for use in production.


This release brings more stability and improvements to our LTS Blazorise version.

  • #3718 Notification Service documentation issue
  • #3723 Pie chart is not working with default options
  • #3721 Unable to style TreeView
  • #3714 Chart doesnt draw x-axis for numeric types
  • #3704 Datagrid details open logic
  • #3719 MemoEdit with AutoSize still displays a scrollbar
  • #3720 Set MemoEdit height to show all text on first render
  • #3592 Bootstrap5 provider still includes CSS with right/left instead of start/end


Blazorise is an open-source component library maintained by Megabit Ltd, a small organization located in Croatia, EU. We strongly believe in the open-source ecosystem, and so we're giving it to a community under our Blazorise Community licenses for free.

If you'd like to support the project and are already a part of a large organization, we would like you to consider purchasing a commercial license to help us be a sustainable business. Then, we will be able to continue working on Blazorise.

With a Blazorise commercial license, you get premium forum support and access to our private repositories and themes with a community license. Visit us at Blazorise Commercial to learn more.