Blazorise 1.0.6

Update for the 1.0 release - patch 6

Another update for Blazorise 1.0 is now available. This release contains numerous improvements as well as contributions from our community members. All of the modifications are listed below.


  • #3875 Modal: Fix Animations
  • #3917 Card Deck: Not uniform in size
  • #3926 Autocomplete selected value lost when selecting item with keyboard
  • #2996 Autocomplete : Investigate NotFound Handling with SearchChanged as a long-running task
  • #3516 DataGrid: in VirtualizeManualReadMode, if ReadData returns synchronously, sorting would not work
  • #3900 DataGridRowStyling with FixedHeader not working
  • #3808 Make ChildContent generic for ListView
  • #3961 AutoComplete with Multiple and MinLength=0 behaving strange
  • #3923 Pagination disabled state not working for Pager with AntDesign
  • #3903 Charts extension: after changing chart type, clicking a data point causes a javascript error - changeChartType is supplying an undefined dotnetAdapter
  • #3997 Incorrect type for drop zone documentation
  • #3991 Update Bootstrap Icons to 1.9.1
  • #3964 Javascript error when using FileEdit with Ant Design
  • #3994 Fix TextEdit documentation (FocusIn and FocusOut)
  • #4007 Docs: TextEdit page fixes


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