Blazorise v1.5

Announcing Blazorise 1.5 -

Blazorise 1.5 Highlights 💡

Here's a summary of what’s new in this release:

  • Fluent UI 2: CSS provider.

  • Toast: component to show push notifications.

  • Progress bar: indeterminate state.

  • Accordion: introduce accordion dedicated components.

  • Font Awesome: updated icons to Font Awesome v6.x.

  • Breakpoints: introduced new XXL, or QuadHD size.

Upgrade an existing project 👨‍🔧

To upgrade an existing Blazorise applications from 1.4.x to 1.5:

  • Update all Blazorise.* package references to 1.5.

You should now be able to use Blazorise without any breaking changes to the API.

New Features & Enhancements 🚀

Fluent UI 2

Toast component

We have introduced a new Toast component. Toasts are brief alerts made to resemble push notifications, which are more common on desktop and mobile devices. Since they are flexbox-built, they are simple to align and reposition.

Please find an example of how to use this component in the Toast page.

DataGrid improvements

1. State Management

We've introduced a way that allows you to save and load the DataGrid state on demand using a centralized api. You can use the new LoadState and GetState methods to load and get the DataGrid state.

Please find an example of how to use this feature in the DataGrid State Management page.

2. PreventRowClick

Added support for TableRowCell to preventDefault and stopPropagation events on cell click, ClickPreventDefault and ClickStopPropagation respectively.

Resolved an issue where the DataGrid PreventRowClick was not working as expected.

3. Column Chooser

Enable Column Chooser by setting ColumnChooser to true to allow users to show or hide columns in the DataGrid.

Indeterminate progress bars

Accordion dedicated components

We have introduced new components that are now used specifically within accordion. In the past for collapsible regions within the Accordion we used the Collapse component. This had several problems but mainly we had to internally wire to callapse what is not directly related to it. By making the collapse usage obsolete and introducing new accordion cimponent to replace it we are now much flexible and we can have more room for improvements in the future.

The Collapse will still continue to work, but in the future you should expect it to be completelly revobed from the Accordion.

Font Awesome icons

We have mapped the latest icons from Font Awesome v6 branch. This enables you to use pick from larger number of icons names in your project.

In this version we're introducing some changes to how Font Awesome are consumed. The Blazorise.Icons.FontAwesome package now contains the all icons for v5.x, and v6.x FontAwesome. This change was needed because that FontAwesome doesn't have CDN for v6.x icons. By packaging them into Blazorise we give you a heads-up to use them. And if you want to have your own CDN you can always use it as an alternative.

Please be aware that after we merged FontAWesome v6.x some icons from the v5.x might not work correctly. It is adwised to update CSS link to use the latest v6.x CSS.

Show Tooltips on Rating

Now it is possible to show an extra information on the Rating component. By defining the GetTooltip callback you can show the tooltip to indicate what is the rating value that it represents.


Added a new Parameter DisabledItem. By defining this, you can set the disabled items from the supplied data source.


We've reworked the Autocomplete SelectionMode.Checkbox so it more closely follows the standard look of the checkboxes across the application.

Responsive font sizes

Adjusting font sizes for multiple screen sizes can be challenging. That's why we have made it possible to define different sizes for different screen sizes. This is made possible with out flexible "fluent-based" utilities.

Defining the font size follows the same pattern as all out fluent-based utilties, eg. TextSize="TextSize.IsLarge.OnMobile.IsSmall.OnDesktop".

Validation API

To make it easier to customize Blazorise behavior, we have exposed some internal Validation, and Validations component APIs and made them public. This will enable more customization to your forms and make it possible to implement new validation methods.

New Breakpoints

We have introduced new XXL Breakpoints(QuadHD alias) that is supposed to be used on extra large screens, like 2K and above. This will enable more fine control over what can be visible on screen for thos large screens.


Introduced a new BarMenuToggleBehavior. By default, it is set to BarMenuToggleBehavior.AllowMultipleMenus which will keep all the menus you toggle open. You can also set it to BarMenuToggleBehavior.AllowSingleMenu to only keep a menu open at a time.