Save up to 17% resources on your next project

Explore the Blazorise Benefits Grid to see how our Blazor UI components save you development time and costs. Quickly understand the hours and expenses you'll save with each component, streamlining your project while ensuring quality and functionality.

Component, Work Name Development Hours Total Savings
Button and other interaction components 90 hours $4,500
DataGrid component with sorting, filtering, paging, editing, etc. 240 hours $12,000
Modal with keyboard navigation, and form validation 120 hours $6,000
Form inputs and validation 180 hours $9,000
Navigation Bar and Sidebar 90 hours $4,500
Charting Components 160 hours $8,000
Notifications and Messaging System 60 hours $3,000
Total 940 hours $47,000.00

* Savings are calculated using an hourly rate of $50/hour of an average enterprise level application.

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  • 80+ Core UI Components
  • Free for individuals
  • Community support
  • Regular updates
  • Unlimited applications

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(per developer, royalty-free subscription)

  • Everything from Blazorise Community
  • Premium forum support
  • Dedicated customer support with 24 hour response time


+ local tax (if applicable)
(per developer, royalty-free subscription)

  • Everything from Blazorise Professional
  • Access to premium themes
  • Access to Blazorise blocks
  • Priority customer support with 16 hour response time
  • Priority fixes and feature requests

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Enterprise Plus
On Request
Core UI
Commercial Use
Regular updates
Unlimited number of applications
Blazorise Themes
Blazorise Blocks
1 year premium forum support
Forum support incident count/year 10 25 Unlimited
Guaranteed response time 24 hours 16 hours Custom
Priority fixes and feature requests
Blazorise Mentor
Expert on Demand
Development license 1 year 1 year 1 year
Access to new releases 1 year 1 year 1 year
Extensions Record Limit
Core UI Components
DataGrid 10000 rows
Autocomplete 10000 items
Charts 100 points
ListView 10000 items
TransferList 10000 items
TreeView 1000 nodes

Frequently Asked Questions

The renewal is automatic if the license was purchased through our webpage and paid with the credit card. It will recur after the subscription period ends. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

By ending the yearly subscription you will no longer get free Blazorise updates, access to our support web and access to our private repositories. The last Blazorise version that was at the time of ending the yearly subscription will stay with you and you can continue to use it.

Yes. Blazorise licenses are perpetual. Perpetual means that the Professional features are available after the subscription ends. Product updates and support are only available during the subscription period.

Yes. You can continue to use the product in production environments after the entitlement expires. But you will need to keep your subscription active to continue development, update for new features, or gain access to technical support.

To renew your license, please contact sales.

Yes. Blazorise Professional and Blazorise Enterprise include dedicated support over our support forum during the subscription period.

The number of licenses purchased must correspond to the maximum number of concurrent developers contributing changes to the front-end code of projects that use Blazorise.

Example 1. Company 'A' is developing an application named 'AppA'. The app needs to render 10k rows of data in a table and allow users to group, filter, and sort. The dev team adds Blazorise to the project to satisfy this requirement. 5 front-end and 10 back-end developers are working on 'AppA'. Only 1 developer is tasked with configuring and modifying the data grid. Only the front-end developers are contributing code to the front-end so Company 'A' purchases 5 licenses.

Example 2. A UI development team at Company 'A' creates its own UI library for internal development and includes Blazorise as a component. The team working on 'AppA' uses the new library and so does the team working on 'AppB'. 'AppA' has 5 front-end developers and 'AppB' has 3. There are 2 front-end developers on the UI development team. Company 'B' purchases 10 licenses.

If freelancers are using Blazorise for their client projects, they would be considered as developers who are using Blazorise in their work.

Therefore, they would need to obtain a commercial license for Blazorise. The responsibility for obtaining the necessary Blazorise licenses would depend on the terms of the agreement between the freelancer and their client company.

No. Your client doesn't need to purchase Blazorise license.

You have the option to tailor the agreements that best suit your company and your project requirements.

To learn more, please contact sales.

Blazorise Mentor provides you with a personal Blazorise expert to assist you on your Blazorise journey.

Consider your mentor to be a senior developer who can answer difficult questions about Blazorise and web development in person or via the communication tool of your choice. Blazorise Mentor keeps you out of common pitfalls and can have a significant impact on the productivity and quality of your team.

Our prices are shown in USD, and are charged in your local currency if available. Otherwise it is charged in USD.

Yes. Get in touch with us at sales team.

Blazorise is a component library for Blazor that provides a range of UI components and utilities to help developers build web applications more easily.

Blazorise Blocks are a set of predefined UI elements or modules built on top of the Blazorise library. These blocks simplify the web development process by offering ready-to-use sections (like checkout, stats, login forms, etc.) that developers can integrate into their projects without having to design or code them from scratch.

In essence, while Blazorise provides the foundational components and tools, Blazorise Blocks offer higher-level, more specialized modules that are based on those foundational components for specific use cases.